Cost Effective EDI

EDI reduces cycle times up to 50%, error rates drop by half and you experience significant cost reductions. EDI is no longer just for large organizations. MessageXpress has created a cost-effective EDI Solution for organizations of all sizes. For the small shop operation to the growing mid-level business, EDITrans 3.0 Lite is your solution. Even the playing field for your company, by competing for trade contracts with any sized company. Large companies want EDI capable Trading Partners, because it is safe and effective. EDITrans 3.0 Lite allows companies all over the world to compete on an even scale.

Why EDITrans 3.0 Lite Makes Sense

Large EDI capable businesses select and favor EDI capable Trading Partners because it saves them time, money, paperwork, and reduces costly mistakes. Plain and simple, EDI as a solution works and businesses use it because of the sheer efficiency it affords. EDITrans 3.0 Lite offers all of the EDI capabilities at an affordable cost. It is a complete EDI solution! Consisting of an easy to use forms’ based PC application, data transmission service, and ongoing customer/technical support – all in a single package, at an affordable price.

How Simple It Is

  • Give us the names of the Trading Partner(s) you wish to do EDI with.
  • MessageXpress will remotely access your computer and complete all the necessary installation and configuration for you.
  • Enter your data into EDITrans 3.0 Lite Edition and send it to your partner.
  • You can receive data from your Trading Partner and handle it as a printable report or view it right on your screen. This data can also be used to create your outbound documents, thereby reducing your workload and errors.
  • Documents are pre-configured and set up with your Trading Partners.

Customer Support Matters

Too many times technology becomes a hindrance in business, because of the learning curve or lack of understanding of how a platform truly works. At MessageXpress, our customer support sets us apart from every other solution on the market. We want EDITrans 3.0 Lite to be an asset for your company, not just a tool you use. We are always available for our customers, as there is no problem too big or too small. Our network is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We understand how powerful EDI is and our Lite Edition continues to change the way our customers engage with their Trading Partners.


Cost Effective Solution

Grow Your Trading Partner Network

Get Rid of Data Double-Entry

Send/Receive Invoices On-Time

Enjoy Early Payment Rewards

Stop the Paper Trail

We Integrate to You

Accurate Accounting Reconciliation

Easy to Understand User Interface

Communicate Accurately and Safely

Managing Your Own EDI Solution is a Mistake

For over 20 years, MessageXpress has been an industry leader for EDI. Our platform has stayed at the forefront of progress and technology. We have watched so many different businesses who implement their own EDI solution in-house and fail. Off-the-shelf solutions have very limited capabilities and most do not integrate with your accounting solution. We have become industry leaders for a reason and we continue to mold our platform to make it easier for our users. Let our platform handle the headaches for you. With our affordable EDI solution, we empower your business to focus on your core competencies, allowing your products to get to the consumers as quickly as possible.

Why Implementing Your own EDI Solution Does Not Make Sense

For on-premise EDI operations your company needs to:

  • Select, purchase, operate and update EDI translation software
  • Select, purchase and maintain one or more Value Added Network connections
  • Staff, train and retain EDI personnel
  • Keep track of continuously changing EDI version upgrades
  • Select, purchase, maintain and update EDI computer hardware and backup systems to ensure reliable, accurate and secure EDI operations
  • Support Trading Partner requests for additional data

All MessageXpress has done for 20 years is EDI.

We sleep, breathe, and eat EDI every day of our lives. We are passionate about remaining at the head of the pack and truly understand the power of what EDI can do for your business.

Contact MessageXpress to schedule a comprehensive online demonstration. Our friendly sales staff will gladly show you how you can get the most out of EDITrans 3.0 Lite Edition.