At the heart of PDMS is an innovative “Story Board” screen that separates load information into four simple and clearly identified quadrants. Everything you need to manage your loads and day-to-day business is literally right in front of you, at a glance and at your fingertips. You’ll experience quick navigation from every screen. A highly user-friendly calendar. The ability to complete Load Stops on multiple loads all from one screen at the same time. Avoid driver conflicts. Control employee access to equipment, drivers and trading partners. And much more. PDMS lets you follow loads in a logical progression as the status of each one changes. All of which means you’ll have the power to manage your operations like never before. And never guess again.

Industry Leading Dispatch Software

Finding a Transportation Management System (TMS) that becomes an asset for your organization should be your benchmark in looking for a quality dispatch platform. MessageXpress will do you one better because we have the industry leading TMS system that will not only become an asset to your organization, but a game changer in how you manage your loads. Whether it is a desktop installation or a cloud based version, the PDMS is Affordable, Accessible, Flexible, and Scalable. All you have to do is call us for the install.

The PDMS was created with simplicity, to make your life easier. Select single or multiple loads with the click of a mouse. Invoicing so easy you no longer dread it. Our 20 plus years’ experience in EDI has given us a tacit understanding of what transportation companies expect and need out of their dispatching solution. We saw the positives and the negatives, so we created something that addresses current industry needs, while also keeping pace technologically for future solutions. The best part is you know where your drivers are at any point of the day. The visibility that PDMS brings allows you a greater understanding of how to schedule more loads, deliver more loads on time, and become the preferred transportation vendor for your customers.


Single Company or Multi-Company Access

Brokerage Module

Linked Loads to easily broker loads between your companies

Simple Administrative User Security Controls

Quick Entry Screen – Enter an entire load all from the same screen

Quick Entry for Check Calls from the main load board

Driver, Equipment, and Hazmat conflicts easily displayed on screen

Precise Driver Tracking

Driver and Equipment last empty point

PC Miler

Google Miles (free) Robust and Customizable Reporting Tools – View on Screen, Print or Save in the following formats: Excel, PDF, CSV, TIFF, RTF, Web Archive

Analytical Tools to help evaluate your operations and grow your bottom line

Driver Pay Matrix

Driver Settlements

Driver Pay fully integrates with QuickBooks

Supports and Fully Integrates with EDITrans 3.0 Pro Edition

Access Anytime 24/7

IFTA Reporting

Designed For Small and Medium Sized Businesses

The MessageXpress PDMS solution is specifically designed for small to medium sized transportation companies. Our powerful, cost-effective software solution will modernize and update your day-to-day load management process by automating all of your tedious and time consuming manual inputs for load management, driver pay and settlements, IFTA Reporting, EDI integration, QuickBooks integration, and analytical reporting.

PDMS Desktop Edition – For any carrier large or small wanting to operate the software using their in-house server and/or desktop PCs.

PDMS Cloud Edition – Optimal for the small to medium sized companies looking to maximize their internal processes on a lean budget.

Easy Administrative Setup

Easily manage all of your administrative records including, but not limited to: business contacts, equipment, drivers, locations, etc. Inactivate records with the click of a button. Track every aspect of your shipments and the associated charges, so your drivers get paid and your customers are more than satisfied with how efficiently you are able to dispatch and manage loads. All of the administrative records and load tracking are now an analytical resource to gain a greater understanding of how you do business with your customers.

Driver Pay Templates & Driver Settlements

Know exactly what load a driver will be paid for. Determine Driver Pay with our easy-to-use templates and pay with more accuracy. Detentions, Deadhead, Tolls, Flat Rate, Layovers, Loaded Miles, Multi-stops, Backhauls, and Out-of-Route are all covered with PDMS. There are so many different things to pay drivers for and the PDMS makes all of these payments more accurate and easier than ever before. Accurate tracking helps to guarantee proper driver settlements. Our driver settlement reports provide a detailed load pay summary for audit and review prior to flagging for final disbursement and payment. You can even save your report in a variety of formats or simply print to include with driver checks. Once you have completed the final audit and review, the PDMS will automatically export the driver settlement to your QuickBooks accounting program. Again, this single point of automation will greatly reduce potential for incorrectly paying your drivers.

Robust Reporting

We include 40 of the most commonly used reports in the industry. Plus, the PDMS Reporting Module allows for the creation of customizable reports at no additional cost to you! All reports can be printed or saved to your computer and easily emailed to your customers. The allowable formats for saving are PDF, CSV, Excel, RTF, TIFF, and Web Archive formats.

QuickBooks Module

Control and customize what you want sent from the PDMS to QuickBooks from one central location through our setup/configuration screen. Whether it is freight invoices or driver settlements, just point and click. MessageXpress has been a preferred integration partner with QuickBooks since 2002.

EDI Integration

Did you know that your customer saves money by conducting business with transportation carriers who are EDI capable? Get preferential consideration during the bidding process from your customers because you are EDI capable. MessageXpress does offer a fully functional stand-alone EDI solution, but why would you not want to integrate and fully automate this vital piece of the business operation as well? The EDITrans 3.0 Pro Edition is fully compatible with PDMS. We have created a Load Board that easily and clearly separates change tenders and cancel requests through EDI. Now you can review each load individually before applying changes to the original load received.

Our company had no experience with EDI when we approached MessageXpress at the last minute with a project to set up EDI Invoicing. Despite the short notice, the MessageXpress team has always been a pleasure to work with and highly professional. We were able to get our program up and running with EDI invoicing within 1 month and MessageXpress system has worked flawlessly from Day 1. This new program for which we needed EDI has been a great source of growth and future opportunity for our company and we owe a lot the program’s success to the wonderful people and reliable EDI software of MessageXpress.

Wood’s Produce Co.

The customer service at MessageXpress has met and exceeded our expectations. MessageXpress customer service is very responsive in time of need. A lot of Robert Bearden Inc. success can be credited to the wonderful staff at MessageXpress! Cheers!

Robert Bearden Trucking

What we appreciate the most from MessageXpress is their professionalism and their dedication to our projects and our customers 100% of the time. They are extremely fast and always available to help us. They are a great value to our organization.

Besner Transport

MessageXpress has been an amazing asset to our operation and our success. The staff is extremely knowledgeable offering outstanding customer service in a timely manner. We would highly recommend MessageXpress to any company that is looking for an edge as they move forward with their growth.

Advantage Logistics, Inc.