Your Complete EDI Solution

Shippers using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) who handle numerous transactions can result in significant annual savings due to early payment discounts. Who doesn’t love an early payer? Paying your invoices early or on time will result in efficient shipping with your Trading Partners through EDI. EDI will eliminate double entry of invoices, lost invoices, and losing out on business, because you do not use EDI with your Trading Partners. The majority of shippers use EDI because it guarantees accurate communication, document transfer, secure payments, accounting reconciliation and many other fantastic benefits.

Not every EDI product on the market is the same. MessageXpress has been transforming the way companies do business through EDI for over 20 years. EDITrans 3.0 Pro is the top dog when it comes to EDI software. You have full control over how and when you send/receive data. You can send any data format your customer requires, with the peace of mind that no bad data will be transmitted. EDITrans 3.0 Pro Edition from MessageXpress is your complete EDI solution, consisting of an easy to use forms’ based PC application, data transmission service, and ongoing customer and technical support – all in a single package, at an affordable price.

Do-It-Yourself EDI Is A Serious Mistake

EDI takes a substantial investment to set up and maintain, with a risky Return On Investment, when doing it yourself. With MessageXpress you turn a business expense into improved customer service. Just ask our customers. Every day EDI capable hubs refer their vendors to us, because our EDI solution exceeds the needs of both Trading Partners for much less money than doing it yourself. If MessageXpress can deliver an EDI solution faster, better, and cheaper, then you should definitely consider giving us a call.

Customer Service Matters

We understand how transformative EDITrans 3.0 is, but that is not without dedicated customer service. Our support staff is there every step of the way for integration and training. If there is anything you need more explanation with, then we are happy to help. We want your EDI solution to not just be a piece of software that you use, but a tool that truly changes the way you deal with your Trading Partners.

Benefits of EDITrans 3.0

  • Conduct Business Anytime Anywhere
  • Enlarge Your Trading Partner Base
  • Conduct EDI with Any Trading Partner
  • Reduce Costly Mistakes
  • Save Time & Money
  • Get Rid of Paperwork
  • Support Trading Partner requests for additional data

All you do is:

Give us the names of the Trading Partner(s) you wish to do EDI with. A MessageXpress Analyst will remotely install and configure your EDI platform for you. It is that simple. EDI can be very easy to use and something your office enjoys using, instead of the traditional dread that exists with most software. Things just make sense and our elegant User Interface allows unlimited flexibility in how you communicate and transact with your Trading Partners. EDITrans 3.0 Pro was designed to maximize your efficiency, which translates into more contracts, more shipments, more Trading Partners, and most importantly, more profits. You can receive data from your Trading Partner and handle it as a printable report or view it right on your screen. This data can also be used to create your outbound documents, thereby reducing your workload and errors.

To demo our industry leading EDI solution, please email