Industry Leading Software

Great software development starts with great vision and commitment. 20 years ago that vision took flight as we plunged head first into developing EDI solutions. We learned early on that the more you meet your customer’s needs, then the more robust your software solution becomes. Our software development is focused on staying ahead of the technology curve to create provisional solutions to future problems. That steadfast dedication has led to our game-changing Transportation Management System that adds to our already awesome line-up of solutions. We will continue to innovate the products we offer, but more importantly create new software solutions that will continue to keep efficiency up, costs down, and profits increasing.

Founded in 1993, MessageXpress has been providing planning and logistical electronic commerce solutions to companies ranging from the smallest of operations to the Fortune 500, worldwide. Originally, our focus was solely on the transportation industry, but has since diversified tremendously over the last 20 years to include: retail, manufacturing, warehousing, rail, ocean and air operations. Our platform includes multiple electronic commerce software solutions with the highest levels of customer support. Technology has changed drastically over the years, but our high standards and level of customer service has not. We pride ourselves on taking great care of our customers with ANY need, thought, or concern they may have. Personalized customer service is something we were founded upon and will never get away from.

Ever Expanding Platform

Innovation is always at the forefront for all MessageXpress developers and architects. We are continually expanding our platform with new services and capabilities. We forged our reputation with our industry leading EDI solution, but hold on to your hat for our new Paperless Data Management System (PDMS). Plain and Simple, our PDMS Transportation Management System (TMS) is revolutionizing the way transportation companies handle their load management. Ultimately creating new levels of automation, speed & efficiency. There are many out of the box solutions, with too many system limitations that just don’t work in today’s electronic commerce marketplace. Logistics can truly be a nightmare, but the PDMS helps automate the entire process from load acceptance to freight invoice to driver settlements.

Our electronic commerce solutions are predicated on automating your business processes with your customers. These paperless solutions consolidate your administrative inputs, dispatching needs and accounting processes. Automating the three departmental functions alone saves your company serious time and money. Goods are delivered quicker, your customers have more visibility with as real-time information as possible, and most importantly your bottom line increases.

Platform Usability

“We are committed to creating the most user friendly interface for our customers; not simply where our customers merely input data, but truly where the platform becomes an essential asset for your every day business operations.” – CTO Jerry Mizer.

MessageXpress has been in business for over 22 years, because we listen to our customers and what they need out of our platform. Our customers have helped guide our platform development to become what it is today. We are so thankful that we listened to their input and remain committed to continue crafting our software development and user functionality around our customer’s needs. Our programmers remain steadfast in their dedication to an intuitive platform where we automate all of the manual business processes for all of our customer’s electronic commerce needs.

Unequaled Product IntegrationOur professional staff ensures that each and every customer receives the personalized care and support they require and deserve during integration. Our staff will personally assist you with the setup of the software package and then provide personalized one-on-one training in the proper use of the package as it pertains to your organization. We understand how our software changes your business operations for the better and we will ensure you know every last detail of how our platform works. We are currently integrated to over a dozen patches.

CEO – Shawn Chouinard is emphatic about his commitment to not process bad data. “We are processing data every second of every day and our customers depend on our product to operate at the highest levels of efficiency. We won’t process bad data, period! Our software architects, specifically, built this awesome platform to not process bad data. We are an industry leader in efficient processing.”

Reliability, Availability & Serviceability (RAS)

Implementing any E-Commerce solution will also drive the need to have stringent Information Technology Policies and Procedures in place. Our state of the art infrastructure is the key to the exceptional reliability of our network and data center (NDC). You will have access to our NDC 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The NDC has redundancy built in with immediate fail-safe cut-overs to an auxiliary off-site network center as part of our Disaster Recovery Plan and Emergency Mode Operations Plan.

With MessageXpress you can rest assured that the security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data will not be compromised. All information is safe, secure, and will be transmitted in a timely and accurate manner. Please email if you would like more information on Reliability, Availability & Serviceability (RAS).