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Still slaving over your company shipping process? Streamline, simplify, and optimize the otherwise complex logistics with the leading TMS and EDI software. Be the MASTER with MessageXpress.

Simplify Processes

Transform workflows using next-level automation and get real-time truckload rates further upstream in your process

Save Time

Confirm and schedule orders, ensure the right carrier and route, and optimize load efficiency

Streamline Operations

Streamline your supply chain, save time and money, and liberate your staff to focus on what matters most

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Data-Centric Expertise

Automating your operations via interconnectivity not only provides rates instantly in your preferred system, but everything you need is at your fingertips in seconds, wherever you may be.

Explore our supply chain connectivity choices and our increasing range of TMS and EDI integrations to determine which digital connections are best for your company.

Trading Partner Data-Centric Expertise
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Software Integration

Mobile App

Trading Partner Efficient Automation

Free Up Dispatcher

Save Time With Efficient Automation

Real-time pricing may be accessed sooner in the procurement process, making it easier to cover loads and ensure excellent service.

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How PDMS Helps Keep Your Business Moving Forward

Free Up Dispatcher's Time

Automatically schedule loads and assign them to the most appropriate drivers

Centralized Data Location

All relevant expenses, contracts, carrier alternatives, and other shipping information in one place

User Friendly Interface

Keep track of your delivery details easily with a simple tap 

Mobile App For Drivers & Staff

Track past performance to optimize driving habits and improve delivery efficiency

Additional Software Integration

Manage your records with both PDMS and EDI that seamlessly work together

Designed for Small to Medium Business

Modernize and update your day-to-day load management process 




MessageXpress has been our partner for many years.  As we transitioned from EDITrans to PDMS the team was very helpful in all aspects.  The team listened to our needs and made changes necessary to keep us connected to our customers.  The team was available and worked great to ensure a smooth transition.  I would recommend them for your current and future EDI/TMS needs.



MessageXpress has been a great vendor partner to DSW Distribution Centers for over two decades. We use MessageXpress for all our transportation management (TMS) needs. Their technical and customer support is superior and highly responsive. They have been very flexible and helpful with integration and generating reports as needed. I would recommend them to any company that wants to be more efficient in organizing their data and have complete visibility of their business KPIs.  

Chris Thiel


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