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Gateway Integrator

The Gateway Integrator Module (GIM) creates unlimited flexibility for our customers who want to use a professional “off-the-shelf” TMS or a custom in-house management system.

Gateway Integrator Module

Gateway Integrator Module (GIM).

Many EDI integrations require a programmer for integration and programmers are never cheap. What if you had an immediate solution that requires no programmers and delivers your company EDI functionality today? The Gateway Integrator Module (GIM) makes your EDI functionality a reality. GIM is a cost effective middleware program that acts as the communication bridge between your existing business system and EDITrans. You instantly gain the benefits of conducting business with Trading Partners that require EDI, while your staff continues to use the business package they are currently familiar with.

GIM creates unlimited flexibility for our customers who want to use a professional “off the shelf” Transportation Management System or a custom in-house management system. GIM is supported across all industries and not limited to: Retail, Transportation, and Warehousing. GIM supports just about every data type you could imagine.

Gateway Integrator Module (GIM).



MessageXpress has built our reputation on not processing bad data. Our Data Validation Filtering keeps bad data from flowing to and from your Trading Partners. GIM contains the most powerful data validation filtering system in the industry. Bottom line, bad data is not allowed in or out of your business system. Our industry leading efficiency ratings guarantee and achieve that by allowing unprecedented flexibility in how you process your data. These controls translate into ultimate efficiency with our EDI solution.


  • XML
  • MXP
  • ASCII flat file
  • Your own custom “in-house” format



Data Your Way

Seamless Integration With Your Business
Management System Supports Multiple Data Formats
Data Validation Filtering

Integrates With You

Add EDI Capability to Current Business Management System
Send & Receive Any Document Type
Data Flows In Both Directions

Minimize Mistakes

Fully Automated Processing
Eliminate Double Entry Invoices
Supports Multiple Business Management Systems


Give us the names of the Trading Partner(s) you wish to do EDI with. Send us the file format structure from your current business system. We may already have the format, but we always want to verify that with you. After that, we will install the software and assist you through the complete implementation process – from testing to production and beyond. It is that easy!

For a list of our currently supported commercial business management systems, email to schedule a comprehensive online demonstration. Our friendly sales staff will gladly show you how you can get the most out of the Gateway Integration Module.




MessageXpress has been our partner for many years.  As we transitioned from EDITrans to PDMS the team was very helpful in all aspects.  The team listened to our needs and made changes necessary to keep us connected to our customers.  The team was available and worked great to ensure a smooth transition.  I would recommend them for your current and future EDI/TMS needs.



MessageXpress has been a great vendor partner to DSW Distribution Centers for over two decades. We use MessageXpress for all our transportation management (TMS) needs. Their technical and customer support is superior and highly responsive. They have been very flexible and helpful with integration and generating reports as needed. I would recommend them to any company that wants to be more efficient in organizing their data and have complete visibility of their business KPIs.  

Chris Thiel


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