Please Call technical support at 800-637-7248 for any questions you may have.


One of the addresses in the drop down next to “Name” is incorrect. How do I correct it?

Close out the invoice or status and click on “Address Book” at the top of the EDITrans 3.0 program. 33Click on the address you would like to correct.

My Trading Partner says I need to send additional information, or that I’m not sending a certain EDI field, how do I fix it?

This is usually an issue when the Trading Partner has changed their requirements without notifying MessageXpress. Please contact technical support at 800-637-7248 and we will work quickly to get the matter resolved.

My mailbox items are not moving from my outbox to my sent folder after I hit “Send to MessageXpress”, what do I do?

This is usually an issue with the database. Please contact technical support at 800-637-7248 and we will be happy to help you.

When I try to create a new document or import a document, I get a “CS… or FT… not found error”, what do I do?

EDITrans 3.0 is looking for a Client Script or Form and is unable to locate it. Please contact technical support at 800-637-7248 for assistance.

When I try to restart the mailbox service, it freezes trying to close.

The service/application is not connected. This is more common on Window Server 2000 machines, but can happen on XP and Vista computers, as well. If you are comfortable stopping the service from task manager, the application name is MsgxpClientServices.exe.

General FAQ’s

Do you work with my Trading Partner?

We can send and receive EDI data with anyone. Plain and simple, anyone.

Why do I need a SCAC Code?

The SCAC has many applications in the transportation industry today. It is the primary identifier of your company in electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions, intermodal interchange agreements (such as the UIIA), and computerized, freight-and passenger-transportation payment systems (Cass Information Systems, CorPay Solutions, Inc., etc.)

What is EDI?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and is the automated, computer-to-computer exchange of structured business documents between an enterprise and its vendors, customers or other Trading Partners. The form of these documents is based on the use of industry, national and international standards such as ANSII.

What is a SCAC Code?

A SCAC code is a unique four-letter code used to identify transportation companies assigned by The National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. (NMFTA).

What is a transaction set?

A transaction set is the electronic version of a written business document such as a Freight Invoice (210) or Purchase Order (850).