Expanding Your Business

Every piece of software that MessageXpress develops is designed to maximize your efficiency. Whether, it be automating all of your manual shipping processes, accurately reconciling invoices, or utilizing the industry’s best Transportation Management System, our software is designed to increase the amount of loads your are able to process, while reducing your costs. Our efficient software enables you to expand the amount of Trading Partners you have, by being able to process more shipments.

Build Vs. Buy

EDI takes a substantial investment to set up and maintain, with a risky Return On Investment, when doing it yourself. With MessageXpress you turn a business expense into improved customer service. Just ask our customers. Every day EDI capable hubs refer their vendors to us, because our EDI solution exceeds the needs of both Trading Partners for much less money than doing it yourself. If MessageXpress can deliver an EDI solution faster, better, and cheaper, then you should definitely consider giving us a call.

Seamless Integration

Our staff will personally assist you with setup and then provide personalized one-on-one training in the proper use of the package as it pertains to your business. With our PDMS solution, all you need is Internet access and you are off and running. No new hardware or pesky cd’s for software downloads.