Seamless Accounting Integration

The goal of EDI is to create maximum efficiency in digital communication with your Trading Partners. Part of this goal is connecting the dots with your invoices and your accounting system. When you are managing multiple loads and multiple Trading Partners, you have to have a way of reconciling your invoices and payment for those invoices. Accounting Integrator Module (AIM) eliminates the need to enter customer invoices into different systems and guarantees that the appropriate data is reconciled to your accounting system. Accounting Integrator Module (AIM) is fully integrated with QuickBooks accounting software and MessageXpress has been a Preferred Integration Partner with Intuit since 2002.

How it Works

Our Accounting Integrator Module creates an invoice in your accounting software, based on the information entered into EDITrans software. The EDITrans software is seamlessly integrated into your commercial accounting software and will populate all appropriate data accordingly. This ensures that all information in the accounting system reconciles and does not fall through the gaps. The data is entered one time and MessageXpress will set your Data Validation Filtering. All Outbound filters are tailored to meet your accounting integration needs for each individual Trading Partner.

Why Do I Need an Accounting Integrator Module

Manual creation of invoices, sending invoices and reconciling said invoices is a nightmare for time management and efficiency. There is also a high risk of creating duplicate or incorrect entries of accounting data. This leads to overpayment by Trading Partners, invoices that are short paid or not paid at all. No Trading Partner wants to deal with a company who just cannot get their invoices correct. The Accounting Integrator Module greatly increases accurate data flowing seamlessly into QuickBooks. The reduction of double data-entry will significantly reduce invoicing errors and allows for a faster turnaround time on payables. This enables the management of more loads, which significantly enhances your bottom line.


Seamless Integration With QuickBooks Accounting Software

Preferred Integration Partner with Intuit since 2002

Eliminate Double Entry Invoices

Data Validation Filtering

Works with EDITrans 3.0 – Lite and Pro Versions

Track Invoices Sending Digitally

Eliminate Manual Invoicing

Reduce Paper Trail

Filter Your Data to Meet Your Accounting Integration Needs

Greatly reduces your company’s turnaround time on account receivables.

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