Automate Shipping with EDI

EDITrans is a multi-user software application that allows any company to create and manage EDI documents easily and without the costly overhead typically required by other EDI solutions. MessageXpress has built an EDI solution that is complete and ready to use. Document sets are preconfigured and setup with your Trading Partner(s). All you have to do is enter the information into the appropriate transaction set form and send it. It is that easy and MessageXpress does the rest to ensure fast and easy delivery of EDI transactions and responses.

Our EDITrans solution includes programming and Trading Partner coordination, freeing you up to focus on your business core competencies. Use data from inbound documents to create outbound responses, saving you valuable time on data entry and reducing keying errors.   EDITrans software is fast, affordable, and fully able to meet your EDI needs. EDITrans is conveniently available in the following configurations to offer a solution that meets your company needs, no matter the size of your company or the amount of data being traded.

EDITrans Lite 3.0

  • Cost Effective Solution
  • One mapped/tested document included with purchase (210 Freight Invoice
  • Limit to One Trading Partner with unlimited document types
  • True Client/Server application with multiple client capabilities
  • Compatible with Accounting Integrator Module (AIM)
  • Eligible for a credit toward purchase of upgrade to EDITrans 3.0 Professional Edition

EDITrans 3.0 Professional

  • Conduct Business Anytime Anywhere
  • Enlarge Your Trading Partner Base
  • One mapped/tested document included (210 Freight Invoice)
  • Unlimited Number of Trading Partners
  • Unlimited Document Types for each Trading Partner
  • True client/server application with multiple client capabilities
  • Compatible with Accounting Integrator Module (AIM)
  • Compatible with Gateway Integrator Module (GIM)
  • Multiple Company Access

To find out what EDITrans solution fits your company needs, please email