EDI Solutions in Retail

EDI has been a mainstay in Retail for almost 30 years. MessageXpress has been an industry leading EDI solution for over 20 years. There is a substantial correlation between those 2 numbers and the correlation is that MessageXpress is really, really good at automating all of the manual processes involved with Trading Partners in the retail industry. Our easy to use interface maximizes the time spent on making sure shipments get to the right place on time and guaranteeing that all involved are paid on time. Shoot up the ladder as the favorite Trading Partner with EDI, manage more loads, and grow your profits with our powerful EDI solution.

MessageXpress’ EDITrans 3.0 Pro Edition and Gateway Integrator Module (GIM) are compliant with all required EDI document standards as adopted by the Manufacturing and Retail industries. Below are a few of the more commonly used EDI Transaction Sets used in the Retail and Manufacturing industries.

Transaction Codes

  • 810 Invoice – This is an electronic version of a paper based invoice. It is usually sent for an 850 Purchase Order. The 810 Invoice generally contains shipping details, payment terms, items, prices, quantities and any applicable discounts.
  • 850 Purchase Order – This is an electronic version of a paper based purchase order. The 850 Purchase Order generally contains shipping details, payment terms, items, prices, quantities and any applicable discounts.
  • 856 Advance Ship Notice – The 856 Advance Ship Notice (ASN) is generally used to communicate the contents of a shipment. It is sent in advance to a shipment arriving at a facility.
  • 820 Payment Order / Remittance Advice – The Payment Order / Remittance Advice is used to notify a vendor that a payment of goods has been sent.
  • 824 Application Advice / Error Text Message – The 824 Application Advice is also commonly called Error Text Message. It is used to notify the vendor of an EDI transmission that was received with errors. This allows the vendor to correct the error and resend the data correctly.
  • 846 Inventory Inquiry / Advice – The 846 Inventory Inquiry / Advice is used to communicate inventory information between manufacturers, suppliers and resellers.
  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment – The 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment is used by sellers to confirm receipt of the 850 Purchase Order.
  • 864 Text Message – The 864 Text Message is what is commonly referred to as a free-form text message and can be used for a variety of different things but generally is used to communicate general messages via EDI.

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