EDI at Work in the Transportation Industry

Routine, high-volume communications in the Transportation Industry can lead to errors, late or missed appointments, poor customer standing, and a bevy of other business losing results by not using an efficient EDI solution. MessageXpress offers an industry leading software that automates all of the manual processes, allowing dispatchers and accountants more time to focus on more profitable undertakings, while providing your clients with the highest levels of customer service and visibility. EDI eliminates the manual inputs from a dispatcher keying data into a dispatch and billing system. Double-entry mistakes are eliminated, clean data flows to your Trading Partners, and your bottom line grows significantly. MessageXpress’ EDI solution opens new doors for Trading Partners because today’s industry leaders require EDI capabilities. Organizations large and small prefer dealing with Trading Partners who use EDI.

Maximum Flexibility with EDI

Building on our vast experience in providing EDI services and Electronic Commerce solutions to the Transportation Industry, MessageXpress has developed the Gateway Integrator Module (GIM) to allow you to interface with your existing transportation dispatch system. With the Gateway Integrator Module (GIM) you can easily send and receive load tenders, shipment statuses, and invoices using the information from your existing internal system via EDI through MessageXpress’ robust data network.

MessageXpress EDITrans 3.0 Lite Edition is designed for the transportation companies that don’t currently need an integrated system. The easy to use interface makes doing EDI with your customers a snap!

MessageXpress EDITrans 3.0 Lite/Pro Versions and Gateway Integrator Module (GIM) are compliant with all required EDI document standards, as adopted by the transportation industry.

Transaction Codes

  • 204 Load Tender – Used in place of a fax or paper Bill of Lading or offer of freight.
  • 990 Load Tender Response – Used to accept or reject the 204 Load Tender.
  • 211 Motor Carrier Bill of Lading – Commonly used as a replacement of, or supplement to, a paper Bill of Lading and is used primarily by Less Than Truckload (LTL) carriers.
  • 214 Shipment Status – Reports the status of a shipment, as it is transported by your company. This allows your customer to track the shipment without calling or emailing your customer.
  • 210 Freight Invoice – Provides detailed information for charges or services rendered by a motor carrier. Also serves as an invoice to request payment from your customer.
  • 997 Acknowledgement – Communicates the successful receipt and translation of an EDI document. MessageXpress automatically handles all 997s for you.


-Accredited Standards Committee X12. ASC X12 Standard [Table Data].
Data Interchange Standards Association, Inc., Falls Church, VA.

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