August 31, 2015

EDI continues to change the way we do business

Transportation Management System

EDI (Electronic Date Interchange) has been the foundation of electronic commerce for over 20 years. Transportation companies are at the mercy of the transfer of paper documents and invoices. Forget about the headache if one invoice goes missing, then you have a whole lot more than upset Trading Partners to deal with. EDI is enabling businesses to communicate with such ease with Trading Partners that they are able to know every last detail from arrival, to delivery, to reporting, to being able to reconcile accounting ledgers. Safe data exchange is paramount when handling all of this data.


Clean Data Matters

If you could get rid of the manual invoices, logistics reports, and piles of paper that come with a new contract with a Trading Partner, then what are you waiting for? Transporting and shipping goods should be easy and automated. EDI allows the “computer to computer” communication with the transfer of data in a uniform format. Simply put, exchange data in a safe way with all of your Trading Partners. EDI was created to automate all of the tedious and time wasting manual inputs of transportation fulfillment. With such sensitive data trading hands, it is paramount to use an EDI platform with the highest levels of data filtering and security.


Are You a Shipping Genius?

MessageXpress allows never before seen visibility in transportation logistics and fulfillment. Communicating at every appropriate point in the transport guarantees on-time delivery with a significant reduction in manual input time for shippers and receivers. EDI automates all of the documents you need to guarantee shipment and receive payment. It even hooks into your accounting software to directly connect your shipping logistics to your active business accounts. You can see everything and guarantee deliveries with confidence.


Is EDI Expensive?

It can be if you do it yourself and any on-premise software solution always is. Why would you want to handle EDI in the first place? You are, essentially, having to learn an entirely new skillset to develop and maintain your company’s own on-premise EDI solution. Doubling an employee’s workload without commiserate pay will only slow down your entire organization’s output and leave disgruntled employees that you are relying on to ship/receive valuable goods. Outsourcing your EDI solution is a cost effective way to manage all of your manual processes when transporting or shipping/receiving goods with your customers. Fewer rejected invoices and faster invoice payments empower your organization to focus on your bottom line, without having to pay an arm and a leg to maintain your own on-premise EDI solution.


Why EDI Takes Efficiency Through the Roof

Could you imagine a world where your dispatchers only had to enter information into ONE platform and no longer had to enter it into your internal system and then into 6 different web-portals too? It is unfortunate that many companies these days are doing just that. It is also unfortunate the amount of wasted payroll hours that go into that type of day-to-day process. Integrating your internal platforms (dispatching, accounting, EDI) and streamlining those processes will increase your employee productivity to a level you cannot imagine. Your accounts receivable turnaround time drops drastically to 5-7 business days. Lastly and most importantly, it will give your key customers real-time information during the last visible mile. Basically, your employees are happy and your customers are happy and you’re getting paid faster. Talk about a win-win for everyone!!!


MessageXpress is taking EDI to the Next Level

With over 20 years of experience in EDI, MessageXpress’ EDITrans, Gateway Integrator Module (GIM), and Accounting Integrator Module (AIM) platforms are changing the way companies transport and ship/receive goods with their Trading Partners. MessageXpress is empowering their customers through their easy to use and elegant user interface. The MessageXpress EDI software platform is changing the way businesses ship/receive with their Trading Partners ranging from “mom and pop” to Fortune 500 businesses. Whether using EDITrans as a standalone product or if you are integrating your own system with our Gateway Integrator Module, MessageXpress has the right EDI solution for all of your business needs.

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