August 25, 2015

Finding the Right Transportation Management System

Transportation Management System

With so many out of the box Transportation Management Systems (TMS) available on the market, how do you decide which one to use? Does it interface with an EDI solution? Does it seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks accounting software? Does it become an asset for your company or do your employees have more manual inputs that zap time and energy? Making sure that your company is using the best Load Management System on the market is paramount to your success. The Transportation Industry is one of the most competitive markets on the planet and companies have to find any and every advantage over their competitors. Efficiency in handling Shipments will make or break your success with Trading Partners and the right TMS solution puts you on the fast track to greater profits.



Too often companies will attempt to build their own Transportation Management System (TMS) not knowing the cost-prohibitive entry fees to get that type of solution up and running. Moreover, the continued costs of upkeep, certifications, and attempting to manage a solution become a liability for your company. You want a TMS solution that tracks every last detail of every Shipment that you send or receive. Most importantly, you want a solution that guarantees you are paid accurately and on-time. Trading Partners seek out organizations that deliver on time and with MessageXpress’ Paperless Data Management System (PDMS) you are that organization.



There is no other supply chain application that offers so many ways to save money, while driving value. The main reason companies implement a TMS is to reduce freight spend. A TMS achieves these savings based on process enforcement, analytics, and efficiency. PDMS is an industry leading Transportation Management System, because of the simple user interface, every report you need, and seamless integration with EDI & QuickBooks.



Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and EDI are supposed to work for you and make your business more efficient, empowering you to process more shipments, while growing your profit margins. PDMS does just that and oh so much more. Every report that you will ever need is at your fingertips. Know the status of every load at any time while it is in-transit. No lost or short paid invoices. Driver settlements are now a quick and simple process with the PDMS. Taking the PDMS a step further and integrating with our EDI platform will streamline your load acceptance process, check-calls, and invoicing to a level you never imagined.

Warehouse Efficiency, new delivery capabilities, cash flow improvements, and satisfied Trading Partners are a guarantee with MessageXpress’ PDMS solution. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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