September 15, 2015

Trucking Companies Need a Solid Transportation Management System and EDI

Transportation Management System

Only people that are NOT in the transportation industry think that moving product from point A to point B is a simple and easy task. Freight Management and logistics, coordinating routes, proper state and federal reporting, accurate invoicing and driver payments are just a few of the factors involved in shipping goods between locations. With the right Transportation Management System (TMS) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) you can automate all of those pesky manual processes involved with moving a load for your customer. No double entry of check-calls in your internal system and then again into web portals, no duplicated or lost invoices. Streamlining all of these manual processes will definitely free up a lot of your employee’s time. Allowing them to focus and maximize their time on other vital aspects of your day-to-day operations. Focusing on more important areas, besides just doing data entry, will help your company become a more successful Transportation Company.


A lot of Dispatch Solutions Just Come up Short

Customer after customer has come to us because their out-of-the box dispatch products are limited in their ability to fully address all the issues created with a Transportation Management System or, even worse, their heavily invested on-premise solution is not functioning properly and is taking up all of their employee’s valuable work time. Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and EDI are supposed to work for you and make your business more efficient, empowering you to process more shipments, while growing your profit margins. Simple User Interface, every report you need, seamless integration with EDI and QuickBooks are all major reasons why our customers decide to go with the MessageXpress Paperless Data Management System (PDMS).

It is the most complete Load Management solution on the market. Seamless integration to your environment makes creating a new load a matter of seconds instead of minutes. All of the manual processes are now automated with an elegant and straightforward user interface. Every report that you will ever need is at your fingertips. Know the status of every load at any time while it is in-transit. No lost or short paid invoices and driver settlements have become a quick and simple process with the PDMS. Taking the PDMS a step further and integrating with our EDI platform will streamline your load acceptance process, check-calls, and invoicing to a level you never imagined. Providing your customers with real-time status updates with one single point of data entry.


Support is Everything For Shippers

Any software solution is only as good as its company’s ability to back up and support its customers. Our responsive customer and technical support teams are available for any need you have. Any question is important to us and we want our products to be a tremendous asset in how you do business with all your customers. . Increased profits and preferential treatment with your Trading Partners is our goal. Our technical support department will treat your customers as if they are our own.


Manage Loads Better with Paperless Data Management System

PDMS is changing the way transportation companies handle their loads. PDMS offers never before seen visibility into every step of the process. Redundancy in load management is a thing of the past. You no longer need to enter all of the appointments for each and every load, as PDMS does it for you. A point and a click auto-fills the current date and time for you. You can even configure your PDMS solution to update your stops automatically. The robust reporting module contains 40 standard reports. Print them or save them to your computer and easily email customers with multiple file formats. Dispatch becomes a strength of your company, but most importantly, all involved with you are paid accurately and on-time. Trading Partners seek out organizations who deliver ON-TIME and with MessageXpress’ PDMS, you are that organization.

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